Cookie information

Updated: 3 January 2022


sc-cookies-acceptedSnap***.pixy.comspectacles.comyellowla.comsnapfoundation.orgarcadiacreativestudio.comgiftfromsnap.comsnapfoundation.orgsnappartnersummit.comUsed to determine whether a visitor has accepted cookies.1 year
MarketingSnap***.pixy.comspectacles.comgiftfromsnap.comsnapfoundation.orgarcadiacreativestudio.comsnappartnersummit.comUsed to save marketing cookie preferences.1 year
PerformanceSnap***.pixy.comspectacles.comgiftfromsnap.comsnapfoundation.orgarcadiacreativestudio.comsnappartnersummit.comUsed to save performance & analytics cookie preferences.1 year
PreferencesSnap***.pixy.comspectacles.comgiftfromsnap.comsnapfoundation.orgarcadiacreativestudio.comsnappartnersummit.comUsed to save preferences cookie preferences.1 year
sc-countrySnapsnap.comUsed to determine a visitor’s country.1 day
sc-wcidSnapsnapchat.comlens.snapchat.comstory.snapchat.comAB testing, aggregate anonymised operational metrics and performance metrics.1 year
bpazaws52gukakzc__*investor.snap.comCaptcha feature for forms.6 hours
ngpskuephrinvestor.snap.comUsed for protected pages that require login access.Session
adtsgidr5investor.snap.comUsed for anti-CSRF protection, related to email alerts sign-up.4 hours
__cf_bmCloudflareinvestor.snap.comThe __cf_bm cookie is a cookie necessary to support Cloudflare Bot Management, currently in private beta. As part of our bot management service, this cookie helps manage incoming traffic that matches criteria associated with bots.30 minutes
_GRECAPTCHAGoogleinvestor.snap.comUsed by Google reCAPTCHA. which protects the site against spam enquiries on contact forms.6 months
JSESSIONIDQ4investor.snap.comNew Relic cookie used to monitor website health and ensure site functionality.Session
__cfduidCloudflareinvestor.snap.comHelps Cloudflare detect malicious visitors to our customers’ websites and minimises blocking legitimate users.1 month
XSRF-TOKENTwelveNYCgiftfromsnap.comHelps against XSS attacks.24 hours
giftfromsnap_sessionSnapgiftfromsnap.comKeeps data for the user’s session.24 hours
SSN-"[long-uid]"StreamSharksnapchat.comOnly when video is playing. StreamShark video.30 minutes
shopify-cartSnappixy.comLocal storage object used to store items added to a cart and construct a Shopify checkout URL.None*.pixy.comStore visitor's machine ID for the Chat widget's authentication1 year

Performance & analytics

Used to distinguish visitors and generate statistical data on how visitors use our website.1 year
Used to throttle request rate.8 hours
Used to distinguish visitors and generate statistical data on how visitors use our website.2 days
Persists session state.2 years
Used to throttle request rate.1 minute
AMP_TOKEN*.pixy.comContains a token that can be used to retrieve a Client ID from AMP Client ID service. Other possible values indicate opt-out, inflight request or an error retrieving a Client ID from AMP Client ID service.30 seconds to 1 year
X-ABsc.static.netspectacles.comThis cookie is used by the website's operator in context with multi-variate testing. This is a tool used to combine or change content on the website. This allows the website to find the best variation/edition of the site.1 day
Used to distinguish unauthenticated visitors.30 days
Used to distinguish unauthenticated visitors.90 days


DVGoogleinvestor.snap.comThis cookie is used to save the user's preferences and other information. This includes, in particular the preferred language, the number of search results to be displayed on the page, as well as the decision as to whether the Google SafeSearch filter should be activated or not.7 minutes
NIDGoogleinvestor.snap.comGoogle uses a unique ID to remember your preferences and other information.6 months
Used to remember a visitor’s chosen language preference.1 year
sw-localeSnapspectacles.comVisitor’s selected locale preference.None
sw-locale-detectedSnapspectacles.comVisitor’s locale as detected by server.Session


1P_JARGoogleinvestor.snap.comThese cookies are used to collect website statistics and track conversion rates.30 days
Creates a temporary per-session User ID.Session
Assigns a unique User ID that Taboola uses for attribution and reporting purposes.1 year
Indicates that the user clicked on an item that was recommended by Taboola’s services. This is used for reporting and analytics purposes.1 year
Holds the anonymous user's ID. Used for tracking user actions, such as clicks on the recommendations.3 months
Holds the advertising ID of the user in mobile devices. Used for tracking user actions, such as clicks on the recommendations.90 days
Allows Rokt to track unique users across devices (who opted in through the Rokt widget), which allows us to optimise our marketing campaigns.Indefinite or until removed
_uetsidMicrosoft Bing Advertsforbusiness.snapchat.comA session ID cookie used in order to improve conversion tracking. US only.Session
_uetmsclkidMicrosoft Bing Advertsforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed to capture the Microsoft Click ID from the advert URL in order to improve conversion tracking. US only.90 days
_fbpFacebookforbusiness.snapchat.comA unique user ID cookie used to help identify a user. US only.90 days
_fbcFacebookforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed to capture the click ID from the advert URL containing the click identifier90 days
sc_seen_popupSnapspectacles.comUsed to remember if a mailing list pop-up has been seen.1 year
UserMatchHistoryLinkedInforbusiness.snapchat.comDistinguishes conversion from a LinkedIn advert. US only.1 month
bcookieLinkedInforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed for identifying the browser ID. US only.2 years
bscookieLinkedInforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed to recognise a secure browser ID. US only.2 years
langLinkedInforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed to remember the visitor's language. US only.Session
lidcLinkedInforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed for routing. US only.2 days
lpvPardotforbusiness.snapchat.comDistinguishes conversion from Pardot site or advert.1 day
pardotPardotforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed to denote an active visitor session while logged in on Pardot as a user.Session
personalisation_idTwitterforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed to track visitor activity from Twitter adverts on our websites and also to allow visitors to share content from our websites. US only.2 years
test_cookieforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed to check whether the visitor’s browser supports cookies.1 day
Used to store and track conversions.3 months
visitor_idPardotforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed to track the visitor to the correct Pardot account.1 year
visitor_id-hashPardotforbusiness.snapchat.comUsed to track the visitor to the correct Pardot account.1 year
X-PP-L7PayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.Session
X-PP-SiloverPayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.9 hours
akavpau_ppsdPayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.Session
LANGPayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.1 day
l7_azPayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.1 day
tsPayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.3 years
ts_cPayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.3 years
x-pp-sPayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.Session
tsrcePayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.4 days
nsidPayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.Session
AKDCPayPalspectacles.comProvides PayPal credit option messaging for the US.9 hours
Used to determine whether a third party tag will be called in Snap Ads Pixel.1 year
Used to help identify a visitor.1 year
Used to identify a visitor across multiple domains.1 year