Snap Inc. Statement Against Human Trafficking and Slavery

Snap Inc. categorically does not tolerate human-rights violations -- including but not limited to slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking -- in our own operations, in our supply chain, or in our partnerships. To this end, Snap Inc. has established a three-pronged approach to evaluate and eradicate risks related to slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking. This statement reflects Snap Inc.’s progress during the 2021 fiscal year.

Policies. Our commitment is memorialized in our Supplier Code of Conduct. The Code requires suppliers to commit not to use slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking; to ensure that their own suppliers follow the same rules; and to let Snap Inc. conduct audits to ensure compliance.

Training. Snap Inc. provides mandatory training to all employees who interact with our supply chain. This training underscores our stand against slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking. It also helps to ensure that our employees will be able to recognize, and will know how to report, any human-rights violations and “red flags” at supplier sites.

Monitoring and Verification. Snap Inc. conducts risk-based third-party onsite assessments to validate supplier compliance with legal requirements and our Code. We institute a remediation process to ensure that suppliers close out any issues identified and implement processes to sustain compliance.

This statement is signed by the CEO of Snap Inc. on behalf of the Snap Inc. Board of Directors.