Snap Commercial Content Policy

Entrée en vigueur : 14 mai 2021

Nous voulons que les Snapchatters puissent s'amuser en toute sécurité. Cet objectif régit nos politiques.

La présente Politique relative au contenu commercial s'applique au contenu sur la plateforme Snap autre que les publicités desservies par Snap, qui est sponsorisé, promeut ou fait la publicité de toute marque, tout produit, toute marchandise ou tout service.

Vous êtes tenus de respecter les Conditions de Service et les Règles communautaires de Snap Inc., ainsi que toutes les autres règles de Snap Inc. régissant l'utilisation de ses services. Nous pouvons être amenés à mettre à jour nos conditions, nos politiques et nos règles à tout moment. Nous vous prions donc de les consulter régulièrement.

Vous devez être honnête quant aux marques, produits et services que votre contenu promeut ; vous devez éviter un contenu trompeur ou offensant, vous ne devez jamais compromettre la vie privée de nos utilisateurs.

Vous êtes tenu de veiller à ce que votre contenu et toute marque, tout produit ou service qu'il promeut soit adapté aux Snapchatters âgés de 13 ans et plus. Vous êtes également tenu de veiller à ce que votre contenu et toutes les divulgations soient conformes à toutes les lois, toutes les ordonnances, tous les décrets, toutes les règles, toutes les règles d'ordre public, normes et réglementations industrielles applicables.

General Requirements


All disclosures, disclaimers and warnings must be clear and conspicuous. Commercial content must identify the commercial nature of the content, and any promoted third party brand.

You understand that commercial content posted by you on your public profile may also be made available in the For You section of Snapchat and you will ensure that all disclosures are also appropriate in that context.

User Data Collection & Usage

Commercial content may not collect information about racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, health, sex life or medical history.

If you collect personal information, you must make it clear that you, not Snap, is collecting the data, and you must make a privacy policy readily available where any personal information is collected.

Personal information must be collected and processed securely.

Intellectual Property

Commercial content must not infringe the intellectual property, privacy, publicity or other legal rights of any person or entity. You must have all necessary rights and permissions for all elements of your content, including for use of any Snap provided content, like music, lenses and geofilters. Don’t feature the name, likeness (including look-alikes), voice (including sound-alikes) or other identifying features of an individual or brand without their consent.

If you believe your copyright, trademark or publicity rights have been infringed by commercial content on Snapchat, we encourage you to attempt to contact and resolve your concerns with the publisher directly. Alternatively, rights holders and their agents can report alleged intellectual property infringement to Snap here. We take all such reports seriously.

References to Snap

Commercial content must not suggest an affiliation with or endorsement by Snap or its products. This means that ads must not use any Snap-owned trademark, Bitmoji artwork or representations of the Snapchat user interface, except as permitted in the Snapchat Brand Guidelines or the Bitmoji Bitmoji Brand Guidelines. Commercial content must also not contain altered or confusingly similar variations of any Snap-owned trademark.


Promotions on Snapchat are subject to Snap’s Promotion Rules.

Prohibited Content

Inappropriate or Illegal Content

Commercial content that promotes or features: 

  • Illegal activity or products of any kind

  • Violence

  • Harassment or bullying.

  • Snapping and driving or other dangerous behaviors

  • Solicitation of a user’s participation in lawsuits

  • Sales of firearms, weapons, ammunition or related accessories

  • Adult products and services

  • Tobacco products, including cigarettes (including e-cigarettes), cigars, vaping products, nicotine or related products of any kind

  • Drug use

  • Illegal wildlife trade, and products and services derived from endangered or threatened species

  • Products or services principally used to infringe the intellectual property rights of others, such as those designed to bypass copyright protection mechanisms (for example, software or cable signal descramblers)

  • Products or services principally dedicated to selling counterfeit products, such as imitations of designer or officially-licensed products

  • products or services with false celebrity testimonials or usage

  • Deceptive financial products such as, payday loans, predatory lending, insider tips relating to financial products or services, get-rich-quick offers, pyramid schemes or other deceptive or too-good-to-be true financial offers, including initial coin offerings (ICOs)

Commercial content that:

  • Addresses or is intended to appeal specifically to children under the age of 13

  • May be considered culturally sensitive or inappropriate in any region to which it is directed

  • Is false or misleading, including deceptive claims, offers, functionality or business practices

Discriminatory Content

Commercial content that:

  • Demeans, degrades, discriminates or shows hate toward a particular race, ethnicity, culture, country, belief, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, disability or condition, or toward any member of a protected class

  • Relates to housing, credit or employment and is directed toward a particular race, ethnicity, religion or belief, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, disability or condition, or toward any member of a protected class

Industry-specific restrictions

Alcohol: Commercial content that relates to alcohol, should not be directed at anyone under the applicable legal drinking age or to jurisdictions where such content is not permitted and should not depict excessive or irresponsible consumption of alcohol or drunk or otherwise intoxicated individuals.

Dating Services: Commercial content that promotes a dating service should not be directed at anyone under the age of 18 and should not be overtly sexual in nature, reference transactional companionship, promote or glamorise infidelity, or depict individuals who are, or appear to be, too young to use the service. Snap does not permit directing content for online dating services to the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Gaza and the West Bank, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Diet and Fitness: Commercial content should not contain false claims or inaccurate descriptions of food products including associated health and nutritional claims.

Gambling Services: Commercial content that promotes gambling services should not be directed at anyone under the age of 18 or to jurisdictions where such content is not permitted. 

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare: Commercial content that promotes pharmaceutical products and services, including online pharmacies, prescription medicines, over the counter medicines, health and dietary supplements, condoms, hormonal contraceptives, or cosmetic surgery/procedures should not be directed at anyone under the age of 18 or to jurisdictions where such content is not permitted.