Your Privacy Matters

At Snap Inc., we are absolutely committed to your privacy. We know that we must earn your trust—and keep it—every time you use Snapchat and our other products. To make good on that promise, we’ve created this Privacy Center, where you’ll find a wealth of info about our approach to privacy.

All of the Snapchat features you know and love were created by small teams of people, mostly at our office in Venice Beach. The people who build these and other Snap Inc. products care deeply about privacy on a very personal level. New features go through an intense privacy review process—we talk about things, we debate them, and we work hard to build products we’re proud of and that we’ll want to use. After all, we use these products constantly, both at work and in our personal lives, and we handle your information with the same care that we use for ourselves, our family, and our friends.

From the beginning, the way we treat your information has been very different from other technology companies. We don’t stockpile your private communication, and we don’t show your friends an ongoing history of everything you’ve ever posted. We believe that this approach makes the Snapchat app feel less like a permanent record, and more like a conversation with friends.

The Snapchat app is constantly evolving and adding new features, but our privacy principles remain unchanged. On Snapchat, you choose when and how to express yourself and to whom.

Happy Snapping!